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Malm Second Chance University have the college level academics to assist people who do not have the educational skill set to be active citizens in the workforce. We have teachers who are equipped to assist all students who want to make a change in their lives.

  • Academic.

  • Civic Engagement.

  • Diversity/Cultural.

  • Honor Societies.

  • Leisure.

  • Recreational.

  • Religious/Spiritual.

  • Student-Run Event Planning Board.

Professional Development

Malm Second Chance University equips people from all walks of life the tools and education to grow and build the life they always wanted. With study and effort. Our students gain alot through each program.


The sudy of science is always a desire to know more and beyond tapping into unlimited potential and growth, this will be for those student who want to learn more that the surface.


Math is a lauguage like anything in life there is a natural order of things. Our student will learn technics and skills that will carry them through.

Literature Arts

Some call it the love lauguage  and a creative way to express ones true self! Freedom of expression is the key to your success!

Social Studies

This creative way to exprss yourself and have no  regrets beause it all came from you! Take notes and begin your career in the marketplace.

Career Education

Malm Second Chance University take pride in our students and educators we are bridging the gap once and for all! Learn about our program today!

Confident Woman
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