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By Laws

The aim of Malm Second Chance University were originally set forth in a statement that President Jonas Malm wrote for Malm Second Chance University statement, which grounded the University’s purposes in the Christian tradition of intellectual inquiry and service to the world, was adapted for Malm Second Chance University upon its establishment in 2021.

Recognizing its origin in this tradition, its continuing relationship to The United Methodist Church, and the diverse constituency that has developed since its founding, the University is committed to creating a rigorous scholarly community characterized by generous hospitality toward diverse religious and cultural traditions. 

The University therefore pursues the following aims: to foster a lively relationship between knowledge and faith; to advance learning in all lines of truth; to defend scholarship against all false notions and ideals; to develop a love of freedom and truth; to promote a respectful spirit of dialogue and understanding; to discourage all partisan and sectarian strife; and to further the advancement of knowledge in service to society. The affairs of the University will always be guided by these ends.

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Inspection of Persons and Property

Upon admission you will be subject to a search of your body and your property, facility personnel will conduct this search...

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Your Rights & Responsibility

It is the university's policy to treat each student with dignity and respect, while maintaining a safe environment for students and faculty to assist in reaching our goals. It is the students responsibility to adhere to the staff rules and directions, to make sure we are in a healthy environment in educating you to grow and be a productive citizen in the U.S. Growth is our core as we build a diverse society in America.

Our campus is govern by the principals we live by and that is to maintain a healthy relationship which each other as we build up our society and leave a legacy for our children.

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Student Portrait


Malm Second Chance University takes it serious for students who carry contraband that can be harmful to students and faculty. Anyone caught with any type of contraband will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No weapons, knives, bats, chemicals of any kind is permitted on campus.

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Disciplinary Process

Many individuals have to share limited space inside the school facility. It is extremely important that discipline be maintain to keep a healthy environment. We take honoring ones space very serious, anyone who is not following this policy will be discipline but limited to being expel from the school. 

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