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We are a school which gives a second chance to help individuals that have a felony conviction, and those who do not have any convicition that are not from the United States to get the help they need to be productive citizens in our society. We help people from all walks of life who my be alone or have a family, to receive the second chance they deserve. We get our assistance from the government, state and the community, we can bridge the gap of separation from people who may not have been born in this country to get a chance, and those who are born in the U.S. to contribute and take care of themselves and their family.

Clubs & Activities

Malm Second Chance University has programs to fit any one's need to learn and enjoy themselves as well. Games and our curriculm gives freedom of expression to hone the social skills needed to grow in our society. We have sports, campus recreation, etc. No one is left behind learning and being active to build social skills and being able to interact with others.

After School

Malm Second Chance University has programs that keeps our students grounded in activies that adds to their growth and skill set to be productive citizens in our society. Finding that common ground. What better way to showcase what people can do with their talents and gifts to share with the world and give them purpose in life. We believe in a second chance for all!

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