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Master of Science Pharmaceutical Science

The mission of Department of Pharmaceutical and Environmental Health Sciences is to provide high quality education of pharmaceutical and environmental health sciences, to advocate basic, translational, and clinical research in the field of drug discovery and development, and to promote collaborations and partnership for career development and community engagement.

Goals and objectives of the department are (A) to provide quality and effective delivery of course materials and to provide an innovative, productive and receptive learning environment for pharmacy and environmental health science students, as well as for the graduate students in pharmaceutical sciences; (B)to promote faculty and student participation in scholarly activities including extramural grant application, peer-reviewed publication, scientific presentations, and other collaborative research activities in the advancement of pharmaceutical education and research; and (C) to improve faculty participation in service activities. Overall, the department of pharmaceutical and environmental health sciences is positioned to strengthen our faculty team capability to provide the optimal teaching/learning services to our students, to be engaged in advanced pharmaceutical and health science researches, and to participate in services.

Lab Experiments

Graduates of the MSCU School of Pharmacy’s multidisciplinary master’s degree programs are highly sought after by leading institutions in academia, industry and government. The Pharmaceutical Sciences program provides state-of-the-art academic training and opportunities to engage in cutting edge research.  The program emphasizes basic as well as applied research in drug delivery and targeting, utilizing approaches based in medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, immunology, nanotechnology, RNA and Protein engineering, genomics and drug discovery, oncology and molecular and cell biology.

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