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Master of Science in Chemistry


At the graduate level, one degree is offered in chemistry: the Master of Science (M.S.) in Chemistry. The admission criteria, requirements, and graduate courses associated with this degree are described in the Graduate School Bulletin of Texas Southern University. 

Minimum requirements are the following:

  1. Undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or better; or 3.0 on last 60 hours.

  2. GRE is not required.

  3. Three letters of recommendation.

  4. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (current).

  5. Personal Essay (300 – 500 words).

  6. Application fee ($75): Your application will not be processed until the fee is received.

  7. Transcript(s): 2 copies sent directly to TSU from the institutions.

International Students need to also provide the following information:

  1. Affidavit of Support.

  2. Transcript Evaluation.

  3. TOEFL = 79 or IELTS (iBT) = 6.0 (if not from an English speaking country).

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